Salt“You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt has loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to thrown out and trampled by men” Matthew 5:13,NIV).  Jesus used the illustration of salt, something that everybody knew, to communicate a spiritual principle to His disciples.

Salt is a compound with several noticeable and distinctive properties. It has a very distinctive taste and it makes food more palatable.  The  addition of salt to food changes the flavor of the food and improves  taste.  It is essential in the diet and can  be added to food to preserve it.  Salt does not change. It remains the same just like disciples of Jesus should be. Jesus was expressing a quality that he expected his disciples to have.  He expected His disciples to change the world without being changed by the world.  This is the property or characteristic of salt. The first century disciples did just that.  They changed the world by preaching the gospel and remained unchanged by the world.  Jesus’ continue the practice of being world changers, and neighbourhood by touching lives for the kingdom of God.

What does being the salt of the earth mean?  The disciples of Jesus are people who have had their sins forgiven and washed away with the blood of Jesus.  The disciples of Jesus are in this world to continue the work Jesus started over two thousand years ago.  The disciples are supposed to be a positive influence in this world by preaching and sharing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ while living righteous lives demonstrating that they are truly Jesus’ disciples.  Also just like salt does not change, the disciples should not allow the negative and sinful practices in the world to corrupt and change them. They should remain pure while influencing the world for Jesus.  This what Jesus meant by the salt of the earth.   The work of Jesus’ disciples as the salt of the world brings glory and honor  to the lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus continued continued to say that if the salt loses its saltiness, it becomes useless.  Likewise, If the disciples are no longer  obedient to Jesus, preaching and reaching lost souls, and living holy and righteous lives, then they become a negative influence in this world.  In other words they are no longer effective as the salt of the earth. If people cannot see righteousness in the lives of the disciples, then people would not want to become disciples of Jesus themselves.  The unrighteous lives of disciples would be a deterrent rather than a positive influence.  This is what Jesus meant by salt losing its saltiness.  Disciples of Jesus cannot expect to engage in sinful practices, refuse to repent and still win the lost to Jesus. The disciples must be pure and holy, they must be the salt of the earth in order to win their communities, nations and the world for the Lord Jesus Christ.