Tabernacle The tabernacle was a tent erected by the Israelites in the wilderness as a place where God’s presence would dwell among His people.  The Ark of the Covenant, the actual dwelling place of God, was housed in the tabernacle and the tabernacle  was situated in the middle of camp.  The priests ministered in the tabernacle ,and would offer animal  sacrifices and other types of sacrifices to God.  It was the place  designated by God where the Israelites were to worship.

The tabernacle was a symbol of what God wants to do in the lives of believers in Jesus Christ.   God no longer dwells in a tabernacle but instead He dwells in the hearts of believers in Jesus.  Every believer in Christ becomes God’s tabernacle and His presence dwells in you. The role of the priests has also changed.  Jesus is the high priest and He offered to God the sacrifice of Himself in order to redeem man from sin and to offer salvation from sin as a free gift to everyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ. Every believer in Jesus is a priest and a part of the ‘royal priesthood.’  Every priest or believer in Jesus offers to God ‘sacrifices of praise’, magnifying and exalting the name of Jesus.  This is exaltly what the aaronic priests did in the tabernacle in the wilderness. 

God wants to tabernacle with you by living in your heart.  Your heart is God’s tabernacle, His santuary.  God will come in to your heart if you invite Him in.  He will not force his way into your life, instead every person must invite Jesus in.  This is a personal decision each and every person must make before they die and leave this world because no one can repent and turn to Jesus  and repent of sin after they are dead.  After death, every person must stand before Jesus and be judged.  If someone dies without inviting Jesus into the tabernacle of their heart, that person’s sin would not be forgiven and the person would face eternal punishment and damnation.  However, the person who accepts the Lord Jesus has eternal life  and would tabernacle with Jesus for eternity.

Everyone, regardless of color, ethnic group, or past history can turn their life over to Jesus;  invite Jesus into their heart and receive salvation.  Jesus will come in and forgive all your sin and you will live eternally with Jesus.  You cannot tabernacle with Jesus with sin in your life.  Sin must be dealt with and Jesus dealt with sin by sacrificing his life to pay the penalty for sin, so that whoever will may have their sin forgiven by turning to Jesus.  Jesus is the only way to God.  The only way to God is through God’s son, Jesus Christ.   Jesus wants to tabernacle with you today because He loves you. Turn your life over to Jesus today and you will be able to tabernacle with God.