HindrancesThe definition of ‘hindrances ‘according to the Collins Concise Dictionary is an “obstruction or impediment or snag.” Hindrances are detrimental to the Body of Christ.  If hindrances exist in the Body of Christ, it means that the Body cannot advance, move forward, and take enemy’s territory.   Hindrances breed disunity and disunity can destroy an army.  The Body of Christ is the army of God and an entire army cannot advance in two directions at the same time and still be effective at conquering the enemy.  In order for an army to be effective it must be unified, and the same principle applies to the Body of Christ,  the Church.  Hindrances, however nurture conflicts causing the Church to stagnate.  The Holy Spirit becomes  grieved  and the anointing to lifts from the church.  Then disunity and conflicts escalate and the church gradually pulls itself apart or splits.   The enemy or Satan uses hindrances to destroy a church  and you should not be “ignorant of his devices”(2 Corinthians 2:11).  Hindrances can leave many broken and wounded children of God in the wake of a church split.  Hindrances can cause the death of a church.

Hindrances become detrimental if allowed to continue.  Hindrances that existed for a long time and are not dealth with become road blocks.  A road block  prevents a disciple of Jesus from growing or advancing in the kingdom of God.  It can rob you of your relationship with Jesus and maybe even hinder your destiny in Christ.  A hindrance becomes a road block if  there is no forgiveness or reconciliation.  Whenever a road block exists, the enemy will offer you an alternative called a detour.  A detour is an alternate route which takes you away from the place where Jesus wants you to be and points you in a alternate direction.  The thing about detours is that there are no hindrances in the detour because it is the Devil’s alternate road which contrary to the will of God.  A detour in the natural is designed to take you around an accident or road works and put you back on the road again.  However, a road block in the spiritual causes you to lose precious time, you could get lost, you could miss what God is saying and you could ultimately lose your way with God.

The bible talks about offenses in Matthew 18: 6-9.  The greek word for ‘offense’ is ‘skandalen’ which means “Anything that arouses prejudice or becomes a hindrance to others, or causes them to fall by the way.”  It is unfortunate that sometimes offenses are perpetrated by believers in Jesus against other believers in Jesus.  Matthew 18:7 sums up the way Jesus feels about offenses ” Woe unto the world because of offenses!  for it must needs be that offenses come: but woe to that man by whom the offense cometh” (KJV).  Offenses can cause a hindrances and hindrances can destroy a church and cause an individual to lose their way with God.  Jesus treats offenses very seriously because offenses create hindrances. The body of Christ should be aware of the danger of offenses and the hindrances they cause.