HindrancesIt is very important not to allow hindrances to hinder you from serving the Lord Jesus Christ.  I recall being told the story of a young woman who surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus Christ and became a Christian, a disciple of Jesus.  A father vehemently opposed her decision and made her life so miserable that she eventually stopped serving Jesus and returned to her old lifestyle.  After some time the young lady became ill and was dying.  She apparently had an experience of the eternal fire of Hell because she screamed and called to her daddy, “Hell me daddy, my feet are already in the fire of Hell!” Her father, who previously opposed her decision to accept the Lord Jesus Christ, now realized that only Jesus could save his daughter from an eternity in Hell.  He screamed for his daughter to recommit her life to Jesus but she died and slipped into eternity without Jesus and without hope of salvation.

I don’t know if this story is truth or fiction but it illustrates a poignant point.  Sometimes people allow hindrances from friends, family members, co-workers, acquaintances or even other christians to stop them from doing what is right.   The young lady in the story, allowed her father  to erect hindrances  to prevent her from serving the Lord Jesus.  Her father’s opposition became her hindrance with devastating consequences.  The end result was a young lady whose possible final destination was an eternity in Hell.

The enemy or Satan uses hindrances to try and disrupt the work of the Body of Christ and to introduce chaos into the Body of Christ. The enemy knows he cannot stop the Church or Body of Christ so he uses hindrances to introduce chaos and confusion, rendering the Body of Christ  ineffective in the execution of its mission.  A church where chaos and confusion reigns is a church that cannot fulfill its mandate from the Lord Jesus to evangelize the world starting in your own ‘Jerusalem’ or your own town or city or nation.  Hindrances stagnate growth in a church leaving it lifeless.  Hindrances are more effective as strategies of the enemy when christians do not recognize the enemy’s tactics.

Hindrances stop the church from advancing. The church or the Body of Christ is a mighty army, the army of God in this world to continue the work Jesus began two thousand years ago.  Hindrances within the Body of Christ can stop the progression of the army of god. Two qualities characterize an efficient army:

  • An army must be obedient to its commanders (must follow orders)
  • An army must be disciplined and unified

Satan uses hindrances to disrupt unity and stop obedience. This causes chaos an confusion to reign, rendering the church ineffective in its mission.  The tactic of the enemy is not to stop the Body of Christ because he cannot, but to simply stop the Body from fulfilling its mission.  He therefore introduces and perpetuates a sea aof hindrances to disrupt the efficient functioning of the the church. Hindrances are detrimental to the Body of Chist and can prevent it from fulfilling the great commission. Therefore each member of the Body of Christ should strive to eliminate hindrances at all cost.