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Can You Live A Pure Life?

Pure lifeOne thing that believers in Jesus find very difficult to achieve is living a pure life according to God’s standards.  Godly purity is living your life according to the word of God, the way God  expects you to live.  This is a tremendously high standard and many persons have concluded that it is impossible to live a pure life in this sinful world. But is it?

Firstly,  Godly purity is not a choice but a command.  The book of 1Timothy 5: 22 reads, ” …Keep thyself pure.”  God expects each believer in Jesus to remain pure and live a pure life in this world. God is not pleased with believers who go to church to worship Him and then live like the devil the rest of the week.  A  believer should be recognized by their standard of living which is a pure life before God.  A pure life in this world of sin and corruption brings glory to God and is a testimony a to others.

Secondly, Godly purity is attainable.  God has provided a way for believers to a live a pure life before God.  Anyone who accepts the Lord Jesus into their heart is cleansed by the blood of Jesus (1 John 1:7).  It becomes as if the person had never sinned at all.  It doesn’t matter if you were a killer, fornicator, drug user or abuser;  you are completely forgiven by Jesus once you accept Him.  You become a new creation. Your old nature  is dead and you now have a pure life before God. Next the word of God is powerful. It will keep you pure if you do what it says. Obedience to God’ word is key to living  a pure life every day.

Thirdly,  the blood of Jesus cleanses you from all sin and makes you pure,  the Word of God, the Bible, keeps you pure.  The Word of God is a road map that  anyone can follow to live a pure life. Psalm 119: 9 says ” How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word” (NIV).   Jesus Christ lives now lives in you and He will help to live a pure life Godly purity is attainable in this life.  Jesus has already provided the way and has made it possible to live a pure life. The key to living a pure life is being cleansed by the blood of Jesus and taking heed to God’s word. Do you want to live a pure life.  Surrender your life to Jesus today and you can live a pure life.

The Barren Church (Part 2)

barrenThe barren church is a phenomenon that is careful orchestrated by the enemy of our souls, Satan.  Barrenness is perpetuated by the enemy to hamper the work of the ministry.  A barren church cannot fulfill the great commission.  A church can become barren for several reasons.  We will discuss five factors or situations that can cause a church to become barren.

  • Non Functioning Ministries

These are ministries or groups that were started within the church to handle a particular aspect of ministerial duty. The ministries were put in place to assist the pastor.  However, the church becomes barren when these  ministries cease to function in their assigned roles.  There is no life, edification, inspiration or revelation coming forth in the barren church.  The people  suffer, firstly, because there is no life in the ministry, and secondly, because the leader or pastor may not be spiritually alert enough to minister to their needs and to abort the enemy,s or Satan’s wicked and evil plans.  There is no giving birth to anything new; the ministry is essentially barren and dead.  An example of this is a men’s ministry that is no longer ministering to the needs of the men. You will often find in cases like these, that attendance is poor because the members have either scattered or have lost interest.  The Hebrew word for this type of barren situation  is ‘Agar’, which means: destruction or removal of degenerative organs or non-functioning organs.  A barren ministry is an open invitation for the enemy to come in to steal, kill and destroy. The enemy tries to destroy any ministry that is not doing what it is supposed to be doing.  By doing so, the enemy tries to ensures that the barren ministry will remains barren and will not be able to make a great impact if it overcomes its barrenness in the future.

  • Spiritual Abortion

The church suffers abortions and is continually deprived of her children.  People are coming to the Lord and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts but they do not remain committed.  They return to their previous unconverted lifestyles. The ministry becomes a revolving door; new converts or new people enter but they leave soon after.  The church cannot sustain growth and membership either remains the same or decreases.  The ‘Hebrew’ word ‘Shekol’ describes this type of barrenness; it means ‘to miscarry, to suffer abortions, to be deprived of children, to make childless.  Jesus expects his church to make disciples and grow by sharing His Word with others, not to lose children by spiritual abortion and remain barren.   The church is suppose to grow as members are added to it and not become a revolving door for new converts.

  • Laziness 

People receive the word and grow spiritually fat but do not share the word with others.  Church members receive the salt of the word but refuse to put some of that salt in unsalted areas.  This may be due to complacency or a lack of motivation to take the word beyond the four walls of the church.  Consequently, the ministry becomes too salty and nothing grows where there is too much salt. The church becomes barren.  The Hebrew word is ‘Malechah’ which means ‘a salted desert or barren land.  It is very important to share the Word of God with others,  then return to church for a refilling in order to go and share some more.  Sometimes sharing one on one is the only way that some people will ever hear and listen to the gospel.  Satan can use laziness and complacency to destroy a church and make it barren.

  • Rebellion

People in the ministry intentionally or willfully hold back from doing what they are capable of doing, do not assist others or do their best to see that the work of the ministry is carried out. This is a blatant refusal to cooperate with the pastor or leaders in the ministry.  People like this contribute to the evolution of the barren ministry.  Consequently, the work of the ministry suffers because the people who have been anointed in different areas, refuse to cooperate and refuse to do their best.  This result is a  barren ministry because the spirit of rebellion is being entertained.  The Hebrew word that describes this type of barren situation  is ‘otser’ meaning ‘to willfully or intentionally hold back’.

Tabernacle The tabernacle was a tent erected by the Israelites in the wilderness as a place where God’s presence would dwell among His people.  The Ark of the Covenant, the actual dwelling place of God, was housed in the tabernacle and the tabernacle  was situated in the middle of camp.  The priests ministered in the tabernacle ,and would offer animal  sacrifices and other types of sacrifices to God.  It was the place  designated by God where the Israelites were to worship.

The tabernacle was a symbol of what God wants to do in the lives of believers in Jesus Christ.   God no longer dwells in a tabernacle but instead He dwells in the hearts of believers in Jesus.  Every believer in Christ becomes God’s tabernacle and His presence dwells in you. The role of the priests has also changed.  Jesus is the high priest and He offered to God the sacrifice of Himself in order to redeem man from sin and to offer salvation from sin as a free gift to everyone who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ. Every believer in Jesus is a priest and a part of the ‘royal priesthood.’  Every priest or believer in Jesus offers to God ‘sacrifices of praise’, magnifying and exalting the name of Jesus.  This is exaltly what the aaronic priests did in the tabernacle in the wilderness. 

God wants to tabernacle with you by living in your heart.  Your heart is God’s tabernacle, His santuary.  God will come in to your heart if you invite Him in.  He will not force his way into your life, instead every person must invite Jesus in.  This is a personal decision each and every person must make before they die and leave this world because no one can repent and turn to Jesus  and repent of sin after they are dead.  After death, every person must stand before Jesus and be judged.  If someone dies without inviting Jesus into the tabernacle of their heart, that person’s sin would not be forgiven and the person would face eternal punishment and damnation.  However, the person who accepts the Lord Jesus has eternal life  and would tabernacle with Jesus for eternity.

Everyone, regardless of color, ethnic group, or past history can turn their life over to Jesus;  invite Jesus into their heart and receive salvation.  Jesus will come in and forgive all your sin and you will live eternally with Jesus.  You cannot tabernacle with Jesus with sin in your life.  Sin must be dealt with and Jesus dealt with sin by sacrificing his life to pay the penalty for sin, so that whoever will may have their sin forgiven by turning to Jesus.  Jesus is the only way to God.  The only way to God is through God’s son, Jesus Christ.   Jesus wants to tabernacle with you today because He loves you. Turn your life over to Jesus today and you will be able to tabernacle with God.

Trust and rely on the Lord

The book of Proverbs 3: 5-6 says ” Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths.” The definition of the Hebrew word for ‘trust’ is ‘to be confident or sure.’  To trust in the Lord means to put total confidence in God who is invisible but real.  This feat can only be accomplished by walking in the spirit and not in the flesh.

To walk in the spirit means to surrender your entire life to the Lord Jesus Christ and allow him to guide your every step and your decisions.  If you surrender to Jesus and really trust Him, then you will never make another mistake or bad decision in your life.  This may seem like a bold statement and you may think that you can prove me wrong, but allow me to explain.

God or the lord Jesus cannot make a mistake.  He is all knowing. He knows everything about your life.  He knew when you were born and he knows when your are going to die.   Anyone who truly surrenders to an all knowing God, trusts Him, and follows His directions will never make a mistake.  The problem is sometimes  when people say they surrender to Jesus, there is still a part of their life that is not totally surrendered.  If you are not totally surrendered to Jesus, you will not always hear the voice of the Holy Spirit guiding you.  Consequently you fall into error and make mistakes.  You must trust Jesus  with all your heart.