PraisePraise and warfare praise are similar, yet different in some aspects. Praise is telling God who He is.  It is lifting up the Name of Jesus, acknowledging Jesus as the sovereign King, and giving Him the honor that is due his Name. Praise often precedes worship. It is the way we approach God,”Enter into his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise…”(psalm 100:4).

Warfare praise serves an entirely different function.  It is a shout of victory that precedes a battle.  It is a defiant shout in the face of the enemy just before engagement.  You are telling the enemy that you are not afraid of him and that you will vanquish him.  Gideon and his three hundred men shouted in praise, and the Midianite army, a much larger force, was vanquished.  God threw the Midianite army into confusion causing their defeat (Judges 7).  Warfare praise is militaristic. It shows God that you are willing to stand and face the enemy regardless of his size because you know that God is on your side.

You cannot have warfare praise without warfare.  It precedes battle in the spirit realm.  After you praise or shout defiantly,  you plunge headlong into battle.  The enemy trembles at your shout of praise because he knows that the Lord sits enthroned on your praises.  The lord responds to praise and enters  the battle and fights on your behalf.

Warfare praise is spontaneous. It is praise that emanates  from your spirit man as directed by the Holy Spirit.  It is not something that you can decide to do on a whim.  You must first be in a battle situation, facing the enemy who wants to annihilate you.  The praise flows from your spirit and up through your mouth.  You then open your mouth and the sounds of war flows from your inner man, through your lips.  The enemy hears and knows that he is facing a fearless defiant army.  You, as an individual, are a majority with God on your side.

Fear has no part in warfare praise.  A soldier who is filled with fear will run instead of fight.  God told Gideon to send home all the soldiers who were fearful. The other three hundred soldiers who remained did God’s will fearlessly and God brought the victory.  Many persons are reluctant to do battle in the realm of the spirit because of fear of spirit backlash.  Many fear that there will be consequences if they engage the enemy.  Others do not war because they do not know the authority they have over the enemy and his demons.  Jesus has given his disciples authority over Satan, who is called the enemy, and his demons (Luke 10:19).

A warrior who is reluctant to enter the warzone and engage the enemy will never experience warfare praise.  This will only be experienced by those who are ready and willing to war in the spirit realm. Reluctance to enter the battle is a form of cowardice and God cannot use you to fight the battles that need to be fought.  Praise is a mighty weapon and children of God should not hesitate to use it against the enemy.